KOGi monitor not displaying properly with XP

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I used to have ME and then i updraged to XP. My flat LCD KOGI monitor worked extrememly well in ME and then why I converted, it started acting funny. I can no longer get any more than 24bit colors, and when I set it to my usual 1280x1024 pixels, my fonts are suddenly too small to read in most of my programs. I've tried to mess with setting to make the fonts bigger but now, in order to read it, I've settled with a font so big that my min, max, and close buttons are three quarters of an inch big! I've searched on the internet for a driver but found that this monitor only uses a Plug & Play. I've tried updating and it doesn't change anything. WhatEVER happened when I updated to XP, how can I get my usual settings back working like normal, with readable-sized fonts as well as all my colors back?
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?)

    Have you tried to do the following:

    Click on: Control Panel
    Click on: Appearance and Themes
    Click on: Display
    Click on: Settings
    Click on: Advanced
    Click on: List All Modes

    Try and pick something from the list. Hope this works.
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