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I have just bought a new LG 4082B DVD-writer. I
originally had it in an external USB2 housing so that I
could change it between my laptop and pc. However, the
drive was recognised in Windows explorer on both, but
would not recognise any discs (blank, software, music or
DVD's) on either my laptop or pc. I have now removed the
drive from the external housing with to put it into my pc
tower to try and get it working. I have formatted the
hard drive and re-installed XP, and installed XP SP1, and
not installed any other software and tried it again. I
still had the same problem. I then installed Nero 6 and
the lastest updates to see if that made a difference but
still windows asks for a disk to be inserted when I have
tried various discs and formats. I have now updated the
firmware for the drive and still it will not recognise
any disks that are in the drive. It is currently set as
master on the secondary IDE, and is recognised in the
BIOS and windows xp explorer etc just won't recognise any
discs??? Is it the drive?? Im assured the drives are
tested before they are sent out, and Im wondering if its
the drive or windows?? HELP PLEASE!!!
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?)

    Try it as slave on the secondary.

    I have my machine set up this way HDD primary master, CD-DVD/ROM primary slave, HDD secondary master, CD-DVD writer secondary slave. Works for me.

    Just my 2¢ worth
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    | Yes the BIOS finds the drive and is set on the Secondary
    | IDE as Master. The power and drive work and are
    | recognised in both the BIOS and Windows XP, but Windows
    | XP does not recognise any discs of any format that are in
    | the drive. I have removed the drive and rebooted the pc
    | and then reinstalled the drive as you have suggested.
    | Windows installs the drive as a DVD Ram drive which is
    | correct but still won't recognise any discs.
    | Thanks for your help.
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