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Hi all

As Windows 7 has a new boot screen (logo pulsing slowly bright and not so bright), is there a way to make it change back to the old-style green bar running across the screen like vista without using any special software?

On netbooks with 1024x600 screen sizes it has the old-style green bar. How do I get that? My laptop has a 1366x768 screen resolution
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  1. The green bar might only show with Windows 7 Starter edition (on most netbooks). If you're showing the pulsing screen, as far as I know, there is no way to change this without using third-party software.

    Why exactly would you want the old loading screen anyway? Neither of them actually show a progress bar or anything useful, and the latest one looks pretty :')
  2. to measure/keep track of how quickly the computer boots. would be much easier as I don't have to look at the screen upwards and pay extra attention and waste extra energy on staring on the screen with much concerntration
  3. Do not stare at the screen while booting. You only make it take longer to finish.
    Think happy thoughts while you look out the window and enjoy the view.
    Once you hear the right happy boot sounds from your system you know you can turn back and get to work.
    This will be easiest of all, both for you and your shy computer.
  4. huh, shy computer?
  5. A watched pot never boils...
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