Stereo mix gives off no sounds sometimes


I want to know why my "Stereo mix" input on my windows 7 does not pick up any sound, but sometimes it does, usually after a computer reboot once.


is there any software just like the windows volume mixer (right click the speaker icon > open volume mixer), but allows you to define keys on your keyboard to increase or decrease the volume of a program (and press multiple keys at once to lower one input and increase the other), and keys that you can press to auto-fade out an input (meaning, when you press it, it will mute the input but instead of just muting it, will slowly fade the slider down) and another key to do the opposite?

So it's like a audio mixer, only it is software-based on screen
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  1. Which sound hardware do you use? Is it an on-board Realtek?
  2. a laptop with a realtek sound card
  3. See if you can download the updated Realtek control panel for Windows 7. This will give you some additional sound setup and tweaking options.
  4. says 'tis already latest drivers. The realitek website is also really unfriendly...I select something at step 1, and it throws me back to the start of step 1
  5. You need the Control Panel software, not the drivers. Google for it; I don't have a link for you unfortunately.
  6. You mean the CP manufactured by the official realtek "Realtek HD Audio Manager"?

    Or the Windows Sound CP?

    But on HD Audio Manager the information says...
    Audio driver version:
    DirectX version: DirectX 11.0
    Audio controller: HD Audio
    Audio codec: ALC269
  7. Yes, the official Realtek CP, not the Windows one.
  8. So what do you want me to do in that CP?
  9. Nothing specific, it just gives you more options for tweaking your sound than the default Windows 7 mixer.
  10. So how does that relate into the problem of Stereo Mix being so moody of sometimes-work-sometimes-not?
  11. In my experience, installing the Realtek CP and running through the audio config settings improved my sound quality and solved a few problems (like very low volume levels). I'm not saying it's guaranteed to solve your problem, just that it's worth a shot.
  12. No option for that. Stereo Mix is there, there's an option, my audio software goes into that, but it shows no activity. The VU meters just stay at -inf
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