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Generic 720p driver

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January 12, 2011 5:13:54 AM

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a generic 720p monitor driver. Im using a hdtv as my primary display. it supports 800x600 1024x768 1366x768. Powerstrip custom monitor driver does not seem to work? It would be nice to have as some games boot up into an unsupported resolution and it is a bugger to fix.

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January 12, 2011 3:03:27 PM

What video adapter (a.k.a. GPU) are you using and are your drivers up to date? Your video card drivers should resolve this issue for you as it negotiates suitable resolutions with your HDTV/monitor.

Good luck!
January 23, 2011 11:53:23 PM

solution solved: The cable was the culprit, It was detected as a non pnp monitor. I thought it was just because i was using a tv as a monitor. Well guess what it is a plug and play tv/monitor. I switched out the cable and now all the correct resolutions are displayed, in another words the edid is being dispatched to the computer. If you ever have a monitor being detected as non plug and play, check the cable, I learned my lesson.
June 11, 2012 6:43:19 PM

RE: Generic 720p driver

aka: Generic HDTV/Monitor Driver 1360x768 60hz (Windows, Vista, Windows 7)

Hello there -- (and the rest of the web)

I am assuming it was the "Generic PNP Monitor Driver" that was loaded?? Just in case you have not found another HDTV/MONITOR DRIVER that fits the dimensions, perhaps you should try this because IT WORKS FOR ME and I get the 1360x768 setting.
This Publication is from Les (AppleDumplingGang on FaceBook. You're welcome to Stop by and say hi) and was written for the NOVICE to ADVANCE USERS, so if If you don't want to read my story here and some technical info, and other things, then skip down to the paragraph Section Labeled, "SOLUTION" and for advanced users just go to End this posting to the section Labeled, "DRIVER"(Note: The driver I talk about comes with Windows).
Why I am here and some Technical insight:

I landed this Page because i was looking for a generic Monitor driver for Vizio VU42L FHDTV in place of the one Windows 7 loads and the one I Loaded. Yes, Windows 7 does load the Generic VGA MONITOR driver (plug and Play) as mentioned here by Tony. It turns out that Vizio does not publish a Monitor driver for their HDTV. On this note and other reasons, I will assume that other Large Screen Manufactures do not either. I haven't checked the other companies yet, but I will eventually. I have noticed while reading on the web that it also appears there are many other computer users searching for their HDTV driver solution.

I am a technician, and having a bit of knowledge on driver compatibility, I did exam the list Windows 7 has to offer and taking it one step further. Noticeably Windows 7 seven does lists the "Generic PNP VGA Driver" as the only compatible choice. However, I was skeptical based on previous experiences.

If you go back to checking the drivers and go through the Driver Update Wizard again, or whatever other way you choose, then Follow these steps below to load the Monitor driver that Windows doesn't want to for use with a HDTV Flat Screen/Monitor.

I loaded it and it works fine for me. Anyway, I noticed the Resolution of the HDTV to be 16/9 which is a 1:1.77 ratio, and the best Driver I found to match it was the resolution that Windows 7 has , but it is a "Flat Panel Driver" and it matches the resolution that is mentioned by Tony on this page, which in turn matches the Vizio Resolution they list in their manual which I read afterwards to match the driver which I already had loaded.
Solution: (And Steps to take to load the Driver that comes with Windows)

TO Update your Monitor Driver using Windows 7 (Vista Probably has it too), then follow the flow chart steps to running the Driver wizard.
1) Right mouse click the Desktop and choose:

Screen Resolution> Advance Settings (or go to Control Panel>Display>Adjust Resolution)

NOTE: Funny how MS doesn't use the same words with their programming.
2) Now a window Box will pop up and have various tabs and Choose:

MONITOR > Properties> Driver tab> Update Driver
3) Now step through the Driver wizard and choose:

Browse my computer> Let me Pick> and un-check the box "show compatible Drivers"

Advanced Users and those tired of reading at this point, jump below to number 4 below ---

Now a list of all Monitor Drivers will load, with Manufactures on the left and the drivers listed on the right and when you scroll through the Manufacture list on the left, the different MODELs of drivers appear in the list to the right.

(Note: keep in mind, The key word here is DIGITAL, as in "HIGH Resolution DIGITAL TV" or in the term "Digital Flat Panel." Turns out HDTV is Digital, has a flat panel and being used as a Monitor. What more can you ask for?)
On The list to the right and you will see "Generic VGA Monitor, PNP and NON-PNP" in the list. Typically, Windows ends up choosing the PNP one. Also, you will notice within the same listing, the Flat panels. Scroll through the list and you will find more than one choice that matches the 1:1.7 ratio with is 16/9. Although the 1920x1080 works, however it makes the viewing area too big like on a Mini Laptop where the flat screen is too small and you have to scroll over past the edges to see the rest of the view.
4) Driver: (Choosing)
Now click on:
(Standard Monitor Types)

and on the right, Scroll down to the 14th Driver in the list and choose:

"Digital Flat Panel (1360x768 60hz)
then click 'NEXT' and finish up through the wizard and you're done.

Note: The highest setting on the chart of the Vizio HDTV manual matches this Resolution and Frequency.
My experience with one the fallacies in "MS WINDOWS" is that Windows tends to load a generic driver, when in fact if you un-check the box, "show compatible Drivers," the driver you need is in the hidden list. I found this problem happening to me more than once. In Windows XP and Windows 7, one such monitor it won't detect is the HANSOL 720 Monitor Driver that is on list but windows picks out the Generic Monitor Driver for it. Most people that I assist on the computer are not aware of this flaw and don't browse the list for the possibility that the driver they need is hidden there and they don't have to hunt one down on the web.

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