I have a two questions to the community: 1. When I copy a graph or a picture of the internet it does not always make it a jpg picture rather bmp and then I can not upload to my blog, how could I change it to jpg? 2. also I am sharing the laptop with my partner and she has her own side, how could we share the same pictures on both sides? Thank you in advance for the help
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    this can convert them to jpg!
  2. Thank you I just glanced at it Does shure look complicated, have to study it more thank you again.
  3. You could also copy and paste the image onto MS Paint and when you "save as," you can save it as a .bmp file. This might be easier than using a third party program, since you should already have it.

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
  4. Ryan thank you for the help that is my problem I am saving it as .bmp file now how could I make it into jpeg so I can paste it in my blog, since they do not load up .bmp only jpeg?
  5. JackieBond,

    You can also save as a .jpg, the same way you would've saved it as a .bmp on Paint.

    -- Ryan
  6. Ryan, thank you I will try and let you know,
  7. This looks more user friendly for me thank you
  8. ok, hope you can utilize it!have a great week!
  9. thank you again
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