AK79D-1394 Multi above 12.5

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I have this motherboard with a Barton XP-M 2500+. My DDR is rated at
333mhz max. Now my setup is running at 166 * 12.5 (2083MHZ) @ 1.45V
rock stable with a temp of 38C at full load wich is good. But the
bios don't allow me to choose higher multi than that. I know that you
can Bridge Mod CPU to get higher multi but I wonder if there's other
way to do that, I don't want to mess with modding....

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    Yeah but I heard that if you run memory asynchrone from FSB the memory
    performance is less than running synch so I'm not sure that this is a
    good idea...

    What I'll do is buy another DDR400 DIMM (Right Now I'm running 1*512
    PC2700 and 1*512 PC3200) to get the bus at 200MHZ on mem and on FSB to
    get higher speed.
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