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Ok so I'm ordering a new computer and I got Windows 7 OEM. Now I know OEM can only be put on one computer my question is. Can I upgrade that computers hardware (like the hard drive the OEM is installed on) without fear of Microsoft saying that it's a new computer?
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  1. There's an awful lot of small print in W7 upgrade terms and conditions. You would get away with changing a hard disk by cloning the system but any hardware changes other than that could cause problems. A graphics card might pass unnoticed and you could upgrade RAM but forget about changing the motherboard.

    With huge hard disk space being so cheap now, just go for a 2Tb for starters and add drives for storage, leaving the system on a Partition in that main drive.
  2. So would I be better off getting the Retail version? Or would I be better off buying the Upgrade edition? Or should I stick with the OEM? The concern I have for the upgrade edition is the windows XP I am using I bought from the College I attend and it has an open license. So I'm curious if the upgrade will work and if it comes with it's own serial.
  3. If the price difference between retail and OEM is only a couple of ££, go retail, although I have few machines running OEM and nver had an issue with M$ activating over phone after an o/s reinstall or hardware upgrade.
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