[HELP] Grfx Corruption: Glittering & Texture

[HELP] Grfx Corruption: Glittering & Texture - H/W Heavy Games

FORUM: Where best should this be? Figure it fits Graphics Cards too no? <-I'm thinking my video card is damaged, highly doubt its software problem.

Hey guys,

I have had this problem ever since I have been running 3D titles of a graphically demanding quality. Some 3D titles have managed to escape it without incident, but most seem to be effected. Anything 2D or fixed perspective has run fine.

Here I have BF: Viet & Hitman Contracts .jpg images, ~5mb, hosted on my FTP as both a .rar and the files in case you have a slow connection then you can just grab a few (NOTE: Hitman screens are 2x of each, 1 with the prob showing & 1 w/o as what I was able to capture were mainly error free, though what did show up was just say 1/30th of each sec of it ie: just a small part showing, show grab at least 3 in succesion to be able to note the problem). Also, I have 're-enacted' a 'real-time' effect with one of the BF: V screens using paint, and also took a screen of the rain effect in Hitman Contracts to give an idea of what it looks like real-time, both images are noted as such, so please pick them out of the bunch to give a look over at least.

-I'll include my UPLOAD act. for whatever reason:

-Texture corruption / wrapping: an opaque texture will 'polygon' & stretch out across the screen from its origin = you can see a solid color taking up a good portion or so of the screen at a time, streched out as a triangle from one point to another.
-Glittering: A sort of 'glittering' effect of 'holes' to the image cluster and flicker in larger groups across the screen. Looking like dozens of little white boxes flickering all over, usually grouped small, but in the case with BF: Vietnam especially then can come to occupy the entire screen, not nearly enough to 'white out' the picture, but enough to put the flicker in every square inch some several times over, losing at the least 10% of the image at any given time.

AMD AthlonXP 2600+
ATi Radeon 9700 Pro
1Gig Corsair PC 3200 DDR

Cata Drivers back to Summer of '03 -> Latest: Cata 4.4
^-I always do a clean install of my video drivers, uninstalling ALL components of last: ATi Control panel & Video Drivers

DirectX 8.x? (at least the last version of DirectX 8) through -> 9.0b
^-I have uninstalled and reinstalled this.

PATCHES TO TITLE ->Never has a patch come to improve the corruption for that particular title.

RE-INSTALLING TITLE ->Never has this shown any improvement.

Graphics Card Desktop Settings / 'Display Properties' -> Various AA / AF settings / Texture Preference * Mipmap Detail / VPU Recover / Fast Writes ON & OFF / Enable & Disable Write Combining... to no avail.

In-Game Settings: Everything the game allows for, I have probably tried it, from all at lowest, to highest, to everything in-between including resolutions.

Desktop Resolution & Framerate: All over the place, my standard is 12x9 @ 70, but I've tried many.

Restarting Machine, trying after comp off for long period, turning off ALL background titles, Ad-Aware program removal, and so on.

NOTE: This problem I first noted I believe near Hitman 2: SA's release, shortly after I got this machine in March '03 (ABSPC.com <-bought FULL machine), in other words, when this first started, little was installed and the comp wasn't even EVER connected to the net till w/in the past month (~start of April '04)

LIST OF GAMES w/CORRUPTION: (NOTE: The list *IS* larger, this is just what I've come to document)

Splinter Cell:
-visual anomalies-glittering, choppy

Freedom Fighters:
1.-PROBLEM: visual corruption, glittering, texture flash in game
(Official cata 3.7 + Omega 3.7, using)
?FIX-still in progress; posts in G-Spot, GameFaqs,
?Trying-App. Settings for AA, AF; all in-game settings max, res: 12x9
!Little flicker, no glitter: App. Settings AA,AF, Text Pref + Mipmap = 3tic(Quality) V-sync + Truform full,In-game full, 12x9 res

Hitman 2:
1.-PROBLEM: visual corruption, texture flashes (black rectangles)
?FIX-hitman def. .ini change render device to opp. driver
-OpenGL (or D3D) .dll
'DrawDll RenderD3D.dll' --> DrawDll RenderOpenGL.dll

C&C Generals (Zero Hour also?)
-visual anomalies-glitterings, slowdown-crawl

SimCity 4:
-visual anomalies? sound distort? slowdown-crawl

BF: 1942 <-I think after some time this problem came to exist for BF: 1942

COD: texture probs, heavy (BF: V)

BF Viet: texture and glitter, heavy (BF: V) <-Usually starts small / light, or even not at all, within one round can grow to the massive flicker mentioned above.

SC: Pandora Tomorrow: small glitter <-Greater offline, though has shown *VERY LIGHTLY* in online games.

Hit 3: texture and glitter, heavy (BF: V)
^-NOTE: A lot of this is from a .txt file I was compiling back when I was first heavily pursuing a fix, ie. a lot of symbols are used / annotation etc, just try to follow it as I wanted to post it as I had it documented.

UN-AFFECTED 3D / Heavy Graphics TITLES:

Red Faction II <-Not too 'pretty' but figured I'd list

Unreal II: The Awakening

Armed & Dangerous <-Again, not to heavy graphically, then again, neither are some of the titles with this problem.

Far Cry <-Now I believe I had no trouble with this...hrm...if anything it was light, I have since uninstalled.

UT '04
^-uhh, there's more just haven't recorded ones that don't have trouble, will UPDATE soon.

-Recently I have been trying to capture screens of this as it happens, though I have no way to reproduce it / 'set it off' and it is flickering so fast that most screens show either a perfect image, or very little distortion, however if it were possible to capture 30 frames for that second, you can clearly see how annoying and unplayable it becomes. I tried using Fraps to capture video but Fraps captures RAW data, totally stripping my machine at wich case I might as well be taking screenies, the video it cap'd before I turned it off is horribly distored, unable to show the problem anyway. I tried using Fraps various times with various settings to no avail.

Game Experience Example:
Online with BF: Viet it usually doesn't start till after some time, maybe 10mins, maybe very lightly right away, slowly the glittering can come and go, sometimes not there for a minute or so then it comes back, then gone again, after some time I have come to note very heavy saturation across the screen. As a pilot it becomes very hard to note any ground movement / muzzle flashes from the distortion, the textures wrapping can cause blind spots getting very unplayable.

-For any help regarding this.
-For info an a way to capture this on video.
-For info on free web image hosting -as I am using MY FTP right now to host the pix.
-For good site where I can post this besides here.


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  1. Try the graphics card forum if its a gfx card problem, more people in there that could help you.

    "This means that you can play over a network, just not with each other."-PC GAMER review
  2. ^-yeah, I am getting some feedback in Video Cards forum now, figured it would be smart to post here, but this forum is pretty slow. Anway, if you could direct any replies to the VPU Forum:

    -it would make more sense.

    NOTE: I have an online image host now if you want to check out some of the better examples but don't want to mess with my FTP/its down etc:

    BF: V: Paint Made REALTIME EFFECT:

    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/BF_-_V_-!_PAINT_MADE_-__EXAMPLE_OF_REALTIME_EFFECT_1_-ScreenShot66.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/BF_-_V_-!...creenShot66.JPG</A> <-At least try this one, rest of BF: V are either realy small in effect or too dark to see as boxes are an olive color. This was made with M$ Paint, but goes as a very good example of just what I looks like 'RealTime'.

    BF: V: UN-Titled
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/ScreenShot43.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/ScreenShot43.JPG</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/ScreenShot70.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/ScreenShot70.JPG</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/ScreenShot86.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/ScreenShot86.JPG</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/ScreenShot87.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/ScreenShot87.JPG</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/ScreenShot97.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/ScreenShot97.JPG</A>
    /best of set

    Hit Con: Titled (NOTE: Compare the first with the second of these.)
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_-ASYLUM_-Texture_SUIT1-1-_2004-05-02_16-35-42-87.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_-ASYLUM_-Texture_SUIT1-1-_2004-05-02_16-35-42-87.JPG</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_-ASYLUM_-Texture_SUIT1-2-_2004-05-02_16-35-51-46.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_-ASYLUM_-Texture_SUIT1-2-_2004-05-02_16-35-51-46.JPG</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_-ASYLUM_-Texture_SWAT1-1-_2004-05-02_16-19-00-78.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_-ASYLUM_-Texture_SWAT1-1-_2004-05-02_16-19-00-78.JPG</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_-ASYLUM_-Texture_SWAT1-2-_2004-05-02_16-18-56-84.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_-ASYLUM_-Texture_SWAT1-2-_2004-05-02_16-18-56-84.JPG</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_-TRAINING_-Glitter_SUIT1-2-_2004-05-01_16-44-31-61.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanCon...16-44-31-61.JPG</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_-TRAINING_-Glitter_SUIT1-3-_2004-05-01_16-44-33-64.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanCon...16-44-33-64.JPG</A>

    Hit Con: UN-Titled
    Hit Con: UN-Titled
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_17-26-15-04.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_17-26-15-04.JPG</A> <-Compare this and below 2 links, texture like shadow flashes, left bottom corner.
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_17-26-25-23.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_17-26-25-23.JPG</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_17-26-16-39.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_17-26-16-39.JPG</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_17-50-47-07.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_17-50-47-07.JPG</A> <-Note middle left, texture 'divots' flash, compare to below link.
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_17-50-41-325752.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_17-50-41-325752.JPG</A>
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_17-59-07-32.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_17-59-07-32.JPG</A> <-Small 'Glitter'
    <A HREF="http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_18-06-42-85.JPG" target="_new">http://www.IMGSpot.com/uploads/HitmanContracts_2004-05-02_18-06-42-85.JPG</A> <-Good pic of 'Glittering'
    /best of set


  3. ***UPDATE:

    Graphics Card Forum

    -for update with 9800PRO.

    !!!STILL having the problem on a different card.


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