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Is there a way to have an HP 5L print duplex?
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    Not unless you want to replace the Lower pressure roller on the fuser.
    Toner on the Printed page ( you have to do the "Duplexing" part
    manually, printing the even numbered pages on one side then flipping
    all the paper around and printing the odd numbered ones)... starts to
    come off onto the lower "Rubber like" roller on the fuser on these and
    the 6L ,5P/6P and 1100... etc.. after a while these start grabbing
    the paper and eventually you will start getting paper jams on a
    regular basis.A fairly expensive repair compared to the cost of the
    printer in my mind.
    This is why only the larger printers ( usually with hard metal
    rollers in the fusers) are typically the only printers with a
    Duplexer. There are a few small ones ( the HP 2200D comes to mind
    immediately)that come with duplexing capability, but not many.

    hope this helps a little.
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