How to transfer apps/ data from a backup HD to Win 7


I HAD a win XP computer till it died. I backed up my data prior to this using BACK UP MY PC onto a HD. I now have the HD with the Data (and I think also the apps) on this HD.

I purchase a new computer running Win 7. The old computer is not up and running (blew a capacitor sp?)

How can I easily put my old apps and data onto the new computer. Any easy way? Use the BACK UP MY PC SOFTWARE?? HELP!!
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  1. You won't be able to just dump the backup on the Win 7 computer for the programs. You need to reinstall them. For the files, did the backup program create a single file for the backup or just copy the files onto the drive? If it made a single file, you will need to install the software on the new computer and use it to restore the files. I would not try to resotre the full PC though as you will have major issues. Just restore your files that you created/downloaded.
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