USB device (monitor) not recognized

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Hello group.

I have Samsung SyncMaster 957MB monitor which has a USB control feature
(for adjusting geometry, brightness, contrast, etc.)
The problem is that this thing (USB) doesn't work on my WinXP. I've tried
everything, got new BIOS, WinXP service pack 1a, all of the updates. I've
tried it on each USB port - same result - doesn't work. I get "Unknown
device" baloon, then "Device is installed..." baloon, but after few seconds
"Device has malfunctioned..., etc.", and the picture control funcionality
doesn't work (Picture control software (MouScreen) says that "No USB
Monitor is attached").

I know that USB ports on my computer are working fine, because I've got a
USB scanner, FlashDrive, Joystick, and all of them are working fine. I've
also tried my monitor's USB controls on a friend's computer to make sure
that the monitor's USB device is working. It worked fine. (He also has
WinXP, but without SP1)

Does someone know what the problem might be?

I have:
MSI k7n266pro with nForce chipset, USB 1.1
Athlon XP 1600+
512MB 266MHz DDR RAM

WinXP Pro 5.1.2600 SP1 2600
USB controller is Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller

No USB keyboard or mouse, only PS/2;
No external USB hubs.

Reinstalling Windows doesn't help.

TNX for reading this, and I hope someone has the answer. :)

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    I'm not sure if I understand the question but...... do you have the USB drive mapped already? Windows XP maps USB keys to F: If it is already in use by another folder you can't always access the USB drive.
  2. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?)

    I'm lost on this USB device that is mentioned?

    I've gone to Samsung's webpage for the monitor and can not find any info on a USB device.
    Mouscreen is a software application that uses a mouse to change settings, instead of using the monitors buttons.

    Is the USB device for a wireless mouse, which isn't working or is it MouScreen that doesn't work?
    Is MouScreen installed on the computer from the cd diskette that come with the monitor?

    Please clearify you question.
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    "What?" <> je 22.4.2004 9:46:02 na
    microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware utipkao/la:

    > I'm lost on this USB device that is mentioned?
    > I've gone to Samsung's webpage for the monitor and can not find any info on a USB device.

    Thanx. I've also been to Samsung's webpage. I also haven't find any help or
    support for monitor's USB devices. I guess this things doesn't happen
    normally. Except in my case. :) (even in manual, recomendation for solving
    this problem is to unplug and then reconnect USB cable, which, of course
    doesn't help)

    > Please clearify you question.

    At first, TNX for replying.
    I'm sorry, my question was a bit blurry, I can admit that. :)
    (English is not my native language, and I was a bit tired when I was
    writing the post...)

    This is the thing. My monitor came with the USB connector (for changing
    settings via software, rather than monitor buttons), along the classic
    analogue D-sub connector (for picture). The problem is in the USB
    component. MouScreen is working fine, because i've installed it on a
    friend's computer and used it to control my monitor.

    However, when I connect monitor's USB to my computer (with same cable which
    I've used when connecting to a friend's computer), the Windows says that
    "USB device is not recognized" and in Device Manager I have "Unknown
    device". On a friend's computer it's not "unknown device". Windows
    recognize it as a Human Interface Device, and I can control the picture
    with MouScreen there.

    The logical conclusion would be that something is wrong with my root USB
    hub, but that is not true, because all other USB devices that I have (USB
    thumbdrive, USB scanner, USB joystick) are working properly, so I cannot
    put a blame directly on USB ports on my comp.

    I've searched the web insanely, and did not find any clue whatsoever. I've
    tried everything (been through the troubleshooter, and did all the steps,
    flashed BIOS with newest version of it, reinstalled Windows) but I simply
    cannot make Windows to recognize it.

    I'm sorry if I made some major grammatical mistakes in this post which
    could lead to misunderstanding. But, unfortunately, English is not my
    native language, and I don't use it very often. So, my appologies to you

    TNX one again, and I would be very grateful if you could give me some clue
    of what could be wrong here. Some WinXP patch maybe - I did'n find any that
    would solve this.

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