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Windows 7 pro 32 bit desktop freezes up


I'm having an issue with my PC, it freezes up after 30 mins. It was over heating due to it being caked with dust bunnies. Since I've blew it out with a can of air. I've configured the power saver settings to "never" for everything.
It still freezes... BTW, I have 3GB of RAM installed....

Can someone please help me? This is very annoying I cant get my work done at home.


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    Three possibilities:
    -- Since you cleaned the surfaces with canned air, check your power and data cables to be sure they are properly connected (not loose).
    -- The CPU/Heatsink fan is not efficiently conducting heat away from the CPU; you could reseat the heatsink after removing it, cleaning the contact surfaces with isopropyl alcohol and applying new thermal interface material, e.g., Arctic Silver 5.
    -- The PSU is not putting out sufficient current to run the computer; test it and replace it if it is bad.
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    yes, what are the temps at shut down.?
  3. I'll have to agree with treefrog and that's more than likely, something loose. I'm basing this off of a similar experience I had with a laptop last year. If all else fails, you can try running the troubleshooter in Windows 7 and seeing if that will come up with anything:

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
  4. Hi,

    Virus, Spyware or corrupt applications can cause desktop Freezing. A poorly written program can crash the computer, causing desktop freeze followed by numerous errors. So what you need to initiate is to install a registry cleaner or smart anti-virus.

    Get more information to fix Desktop Freeze Up issue :

    Hope this information helps you.
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