Weird Problem under Win 7 64 bit Ultimate..

I'm still searching without an answer to this......
I have 2 computers; Old one running XP Pro & the new on running Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
I have a program that will run on both systems but here's the strange part: On the new Win 7 system;
in all of the TXT input boxes all have been re-written with some Chinese Characters . When translated under Google they mean much of nothing.
The program seems to run fine & all the screens display normally other than all my data has been replaced with random Chinese.

The file extensions are .ODF & has nothing to do with Open Office format.
The same files showup normally under win XP Pro.

Any ideas as to why these

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  1. It might not be able to detect the os language the correct way on the new os - might have something to do with needing to be run under admin mode to detect os language correctly, or it might need to be selected manually if your program allows this kind of change
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