Hi, windows 8 as .img not .iso

Before you make quick assumptions that i have pirated Windows 8, please let it be known that no i have not pirated, i have downloaded it from DreamSpark which gives windows 8 pro for free for 2 years as i am taking a course in college that offers me this.
Now my question is how to i get this file extension to .ISO from .img
I want to be able to boot windows from a USB stick to my SSD as i have just completed my PC.
I have tried Magic ISO maker, but it just deleted the 3GB worth of file.
a quick response would really be appreciated!
Thank you for your time in advance.
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  1. Ok, I don't know by what method you used but if you used the Websetup it should have given you three options after download.

    Install Now
    Install by creating Media
    Install Later on the Desktop

    Choose the install by creating media and it should let you choose what thumb drive you want to use and it would convert it immediately for you.

    Note: This option is not available if you are using the websetup in Xp compatibility mode or yor OS is Windows XP.

    The .img file is in the ESD folder but you can just use the websetup for that function no going to CMD and doing it there.

    If you want to redownload windows 8 again and you have the product key just use this link

  2. Hey!
    thanks for the reply man, i did not follow what you said because i got it to work at 3 am this morning
    what i did was just deleting the file that was *corrupted* and installed it again.
    when it was installed, the file had an .ISO because magicISO recognized the .img and did it's think on its own.
    thus i tried putting it on a usb, but more problems so ended up booting from a CD.
    everything works now thankfully but thanks for the reply :)
  3. Great to hear. Enjoy Windows 8, and it's bug ridden updates, If you use an HP computer of course. :D
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