Is it wise to convert from windows xp pro to windows seven

Hello, I'm running xp pro...should I "upgrade" to Win 7...if so, why, what's the advantage
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  1. If your machine is working well and you do not need software that only runs on W7, there is no reason to do so.

    If your hardware is DX10 or DX11-capable, and you want to use it to play games with DX10/DX11 enabled, then you may want to. AFAIK all the games currently available will run on XP (DX9.0c).
  2. xp is a dinosaur - if you have a new machine DUMP XP
  3. Windows 7 employs an auto-coat-remove-mode via Programs and Features. XP Pro has SP2 Security Center in ADD/Remove. The Control Panel is better.
  4. I upgraded my home machine from XP to W7, because I was curious about it. I can't tell that there is any big advantage to it over XP. It seems to run well and looks pretty. I still run XP on my work computer so in effect I use both OS's every day. I also have a laptop with Vista, another laptop with W7, and a tiny box with OSX on it.

    If you had a need to more than 4GB of ram, then I would recommend W7-64bit over the previous versions.
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