very strange computer problem, need help!

I have a very strange problem on my computer. For both Netscape and IE, the computer just freeze whenever the webpage has flash. The computer also freeze when I choose
flying object screenscaver. I have to restart all the times. The 128 PC100 RAM is OK becasue I have tried another RAM (pc133, 256M), the same problem. I have Win98 and Win2000 on my computer, and the problem exists for both Win98 and Win2000. Is something wrong with my video card or motherboard? I got a Diamond Viper 770 (32M TNT2), and my motherboard is Asus P3B-F with a PIII 500MHz.
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  1. I quite sure its the Video card drivers, i had simmilar problem with a tseng 6000. Change them use from the WebSite.

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