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For me, the auto return (when clicking on "mark all forums read") does not return again. Had this problem before. :(

Using FF ... waited 30 seconds.

Just tried it with Opera ... worked fine. duh ... (I'll try IE)

Just tried IE ... worked fine. Must be something with FF and my machine.
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  1. Works for me.
  2. Scratch the bug report ... just cleared cookies and defraged ... rebooted - now FF is working fine with auto-return ... go figure :?
  3. Ok - the same problem is back again ... Firefox ... grrrrrrrrrrr :(
  4. Forget it. It's working ok on reboot now. Must be an issue with my software.
  5. **suggests IE 6** :wink:
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. In your dreams ... :(
  7. enjoy the bugs then. :wink:
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