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Hello,I downloaded mozilla firefox on a new laptop. IT worked for a while, but I now get some type of homepage for att where the only naigation capability is in the lock section at the upper left. How do I fix this?
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  1. Hello glenn glennon;

    Did your usual Firefox homepage get hijacked? Is there some AT&T toolbar installed?
    You may have installed some new program and unknowingly agreed to have a unnecessary extra toolbar added to Firefox.

    In the View menu of Firefox look at the Toolbars heading. What all do you have listed there? Anything besides Menu Bar/Navigation Toolbar/Bookmarks Toolbar and Customize options? -> Be sure the Navigation Toolbar is checked.
    If you see anything like an AT&T toolbar (or anything else) there you might want to see if you can uninstall them though the Uninstall Program option in Control Panel.
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