Annoying popups!

I get alot of annoying popups from internet explorer.
someone that doesnt come up and someone that does.
it starts with that i hear a double click, then a Cheer sound and then a adverticing popes "WIN A IPOD" and all that stupid tings. this happends pretty often..sometimes its a 2-5 min and 10-15.
help me! BTW im from norway, bad english:)
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  1. PS. i have popup block on.
    and i dont use internet explorer i use Google Chrome.
    and i have windows 7
  2. Look at the removal of malware guide in the forums here
  3. Use google chrome with the beloved adblock extension, and say bye bye to popups :)
  4. What sites have you been visiting? And I'd run a thorough scan on the virus scanner of your choice. If you don't have a virus, I'd endorse rzr09 his idea of using adblock
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