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Hello, Just added a laptop that uses Windows 7. I added contact names/addresses, but can't find them. also, when I try to send email, as soon as I hit SEND, the computer message comes up Windows Live Mail not responding. I have signed in and tried not signing in. What do do??
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  1. Hello Shirley Stafford;

    In the Live Mail program the icons for Email / Calendar / Contacts / Feeds / Newsgroups are in the lower right corner.

    If the icons are in the compact view as in 1st example you can expand them to look like the 2nd example.
    Mouse over the area shown in 1st example till you see the option to expand (or collapse) shortcuts.

    Had you finished setting up your email account server settings following the instructions of your internet service provider (ISP)?
    If you were using Earthlink as an ISP you would use these instructions:
    Your ISP should have something similar.

    If you also have one of the usual online email accounts like Hotmail or Gmail then Windows Live Mail should know how to set those up for you.
  2. Found the answer in a different forum. Apparently an automatic update was the culprit. I deleted it and immediately, the problem was solved. Thank you.
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