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Well, the TacticalGamer (formerly Network 42/N42/ CS servers
are once again almost always full of PCS players. The problem is
that with the increased popularity, we have an increased need for
administrative tools. About the only thing that we really don't have
is an effective way to send admin messages that can't be ignored.
I'm looking for something like the csay that AdminMod used to have.
I want big, bold translucent letters to pop up right in the middle of
the screen when I need them to...

Anyone know of an admin tool that allows this for CounterStrike:
CingularDuality Administration
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    "Willie" <> wrote in message
    > Beatle Fart's works well on our server . It's a minimum admin mod
    > but is effective .

    Yeah, that's what we're using now. I just wanted a more noticeable
    way to communicate as an admin to the rest of the players. Our
    servers enforce objectives-based play (planting the bomb, defending
    the hostages, rescuing hostages and defending the bombsites) and when
    pubbies come play on our servers, it's often required that we tell
    them that this isn't a typical CS fragmonkey, rushfest, deathmatch
    server. Issuing warnings using @say puts the message in bold in the
    regular chat messages. Easy to not notice them... We've got the
    @tsay set up to broadcast some preset messages to dead players.
    Those messages block the radar, so we don't use them on live
    CingularDuality Administration
    CS:Source server:
    CS:Source server#2:
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