32bit drivers on a 64bit os?

Hi everyone,

I am in the market for a new laptop for school but one of the requirements is 32bit os. Not wanting to limit my laptop, i want to use 64bit os (barely any laptops come with 32bit now days anyway).

I emailed them and was told that the main reason is the printer drivers for the school are 32 bit and can't (or can't be bothered) getting 64bit drivers.

So my question is, can use 32bit drivers on a 64 bit os? Are there programs which i can use? I dont mind paying a bit of dosh.

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  1. No, you can't run 32-bit drivers on a 64-bit os.
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    printers and their drivers are notorious for being intentionally unsupported as soon as possible. comes from generic ink and the failed distribution model of underpriced printers and overpriced ink, and the fact that comsumer printers reached the apex of their current technology 10 years ago.

    either get your own printer, dual boot, or just run a 32bit os. Most apps and games are still 32bit dx9, and seeing it a laptop, for school, with the limitation by the school, i don't think you'll have any problem.
  3. Hmmm so it seems what im asking is impossible...Maybe i can get them to connect me to the network and i can print with an old school bought laptop (on its last legs).

    Well thanks anyway!
  4. you could use VMware and run a 32 bit guest operating system on a 64 bit host.
  5. More than likely there are some printers that have 64bit drivers. The types of professional printers used atty schools don't go unsupported like cheapo consumer ones and 64bit windows OSes have been around since XP. I don't see anyway there wouldn't be 64bit drivers for some even if they can't be bothered.

    A good brother laser mfc is a good investment though. Mines been going for 8 or 9 years. And works on 64bit. Worst case you can put you papers on a flash drive and print from a school computer or download an official 32 bit iso and install with your key if it's Big deal. Laptops don't really NEED more than 4GB of memory so no big deal. Or dual boot it
  6. Hi

    at one time Toshiba supplied many of its laptops with 64bit Win 7 on hard disk & recovery partition and a 32bit Win 7 recovery DVD. You can ask Toshiba if this still applies.

    Mike Barnes
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