Generic non pnp monitor :|

everything was working fine until today..
i booted my pc today n windows 7 says mine is a generic non pnp monitor and does not allow me to go beyond 1600x1200. the generic non pnp thing happened on its own.... right after the computer restart.. and i havent installed any such software that should make this happen

monitor's drivers are installed everything is in place where did i go wrong? :(

btw im connecting my monitor to my card through VGA cable if that helps.
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  1. Uninstall your video drivers, reboot, then reinstall the latest ones.

    If that doesn't work open the Device Manager and look for issues. You can also try updating your motherboard main chipset driver if it's out of date. Always make sure to use the EXACT drivers (for the exact hardware and version of windows. i.e. "HD5870 drivers for Windows 7 x64.")
  2. I had the same problem, worked great forever and then one day the computer would not recognize the monitor correctly. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and no matter what Windows would keep recognizing it as a generic non PnP. This is an Optiquest monitor with a VGA cable (old school) connected to a DVI port on my video card via adaptor. I read elsewhere to try a new cable, and voila that did it.
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