Dual boot 64 and 32 bit Windows 7

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if I can dual boot 64 and 32 bit Windows 7, and does it matter in which order I install them? (I once tried installing windows XP after installing windows 7 and as a result I can no longer boot into windows 7)

I'm currently running the 64 bit version and am having some problems compiling stuff in Matlab. I checked out the Matlab forums and they say that Matlab only comes shipped with 32 bit compilers. I'm a student so I can get a free 32 bit Windows 7 Pro from MSDN........

Thanks in advance!
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    Not sure on this, but my understanding is that both versions (x64 and x86) come with the same bootloader. So it shouldn't matter in which order you install them. I'm pretty sure that you can dual-boot them like you can with any two operating systems, as long as you use different license keys.
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