New windows install and WoW

im thinking about doing a fresh windows install...but i dont want to download WoW again(Pretty huge game and my download speed is 100ks a second)
my bud has an external harddrive...could i just drag and drop the WoW folder over there? and drag it back into program files when my new OS is installed?
Also...This might be harder, but id like to know if i can do this with my Steam Games too?
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  1. If you mean dragging the program folder the answer is No. If you're referring to the folder that was originally downloaded and contains the setup.exe file, then Yes
  2. Any particular reason for reinstalling as against just having a clean up. Reinstalling will require downloading all the updates again.
    You could use Disk Cleanup tool in Windows.
  3. No you will need to install wow again it will not let you transfer , i tried this for my son!
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    WoW will work fine in just a folder, I have copied the program files for it several times, and just plopped it in a folder to run it. Did not have to mess with any registry settings. But if others could not, maybe it won't work all the time. I have 4 computers running off one full setup, by just doing a folder copy. When I get a huge patch, I download it on one PC, then copy the files over to the others from the network.

    I don't think you can do this for Steam, but check their options for a backup utility or somethign similar.
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