Cant read samba share from win 7 command prompt

I have a conceptronic CHD3NET network drive in my home network. It runs the latest firmware (v014 - which includes Samba version 3.2.14). In the network there are linux, winxp, vista and just recently win7 machines. All can map drives on the CHD3NET. All the versions of windows can read the files on the mapped drives from windows explorer. All can access the mapped drive from a command prompt EXCEPT win7. Using dir on a win7 machine displays a listing where all the filenames (and folder names) are blank. with a bit of experimentation (by doubleclicking batch files on the mapped drive), it seems win7 thinks there is an unprintable character at the beginning of the filename. It seems to misunderstand the chads at the end as well and concatenates several filenames into one.

I cant find anyone witha a similar problem (at conceptronic or on the reset of the web)

Any ideas or suggestions?
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  1. No one with any idea?.
    According to conceptronic, the v014 firmware fixes a samba/win7 compatibility issue.
    I was optimistic when I read but the solution there had no effect (I had to set the registry entry LmCompatibilityLevel by hand to 1 because I have Win7 Home Premium)
  2. This may be a dos box issue. If I use powershell and do a dir i see the filenames, if I do the same in a dos box I dont. I have tried changing the font used by the dos box, but it doesnt make the filenames visible
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