Problem sharing MS Access in windows 7

I just "upgraded" from xp, and am trying to share a MS acess database file (*.mdb) hosted on a win7 machine to computers running xp and win2k. I have a wired network through a linksys RVS4000 router. I have all the permissions set to full control, and I can see everything between the computers. From the xp machine i can create a text file in the same folder on the win7 machine where the *.mdb file exists, but the data in the *.mdb file will not populate the application on the xp or win2k machines.

When I map the drive for the application to the *.mdb file, and open the application on the client computer, a *.ldb file appears in the folder on the win7 server, which I believe is a file MS access creates for data management in a shared database.

Is there some special security for *.mdb files in windows?

I've been in touch with the application developer, and he thinks it is a win7 security problem. I don't know who to believe.
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  1. Sorry I can't help directly, security could well have something to do with it.
    Try the Access database forum.
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