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Is it possible to move win 7 from a larger HD to a smaller SSD?

I was not sure where to post this so I figured I would try a couple of different places and see what I can find. Ok so I have a 5900 RPM 1T Hard drive currently running my O.S and a few other programs, but it has gotten to the point where I would like to speed up the boot time and running certain applications. I wam looking at getting a SSD that at most will have 124GB of storrage space.

I tried ghosting one hard drive to a smaller faster hard drive on my laptop so I know that it won't work but I have heard some people talking that their is a way to make the computer think that all the free space on the hard drive is gone and the hard drive is only as big as how much space is actually taken up.

Basically I have 2 questions. One can anybody walk me through how to do this and two if I do this will it let me ghost my OS to the smaller drive?
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    You could partition the 1 TB HDD so the W7 partition is 124GB and the second partition holds the remaining 876 GB - assuming the current 1TB HDD has no more than 124GB used.
    Partition Wizard works on 32-bit and 64-bit systems and is free for home use. Make the second partition primary and active 876GB from the free space.

    If your current HDD has more than 124GBs used, then you can make the first partition the size of the space used. Then set your "Documents" to reside on the newly created partition, which will free-up the space it currently uses on the 1st partition. You can then re-size the first partition to 124GB by expanding the 2nd partition.

    I have not had good experience with Ghost, and would Acronis or another utility provided the SSD or HDD manufacturer to clone the 124GB partition on the 1TB HDD to the SSD.
  2. The total used space on your current drive, needs to be less then the drive capacity of the destination drive, to be able to image it over.
    You will need to allow for a reasonable amount of free space on the new drive in your calculation.
  3. re-imaging files to SSD can be buggy.
    it's better to clean install but I wish you good-luck.
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