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my problem that after i start using the usb internet modem ! my cpu is used 100% when no internet activity !
i got the lastest driver for the usb and the lastest bios for motherboard . all the updates for windows 7 .
my modem model is zte Wimax Bcm100.
and my motherboard model is :Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA-M56S-S3.
I m dieing here plz help .
and thanks in advance
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  1. the service 'System interrupts' is 100 %
  2. Hello jawad2010;
    Can you use the zte Wimax Bcm100 with the Ethernet NIC instead of USB?
  3. am suspecting it could be hardware issue, can you confirm if you are running windows 7 on appropriate specs ?

    Hardware Interrupts are caused by hardware devices which are plugged in. Here is what happens.

    When you plug in any hardware, Mother board uses Interrupt controller (IRC)to multiplex the interrupts to the processor, which means these hardware devices cannot directly talk to the processor. This IRC will assign a specific interrupt line ( for 32bit there are 32interrupt lines ) , so one of the line would service the request.

    Later Operating system has its own mechanism to service interrupts whch it does using IRQL and DPC . And all these happens on "specific bus"

    device --> bus --> IRC --> IRQL --> driver enumeration.

    After whicih the driver enumeration happens and the IRP would be processed / you can perform i/o operations

    So when you say you are seeing interrupts, you have to distinguish between software and hardware interrupts

    One way is to perform your BIOS update

    other way is to remove all the external devices which you plugged in

    3rd you could disable even network adapter , such as wireless and in built and test

    4th you can use kernrate utility to diagonise and paste the kernrate for analysis here[/quotems

    its solved when i unplug the flash ya i know, but i need a solution that would kill the service ! ? how can i use internet without flash ? isnt there any way ?
  4. the program ya gave to me its not working in windows 7 64 bit ! Are u sure that it work the link ya gave to me realse date is 2004
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