Poor, Poor China


Turns out only .7 percent of the United States exports go to China, I really thought it was more than that but at least this will be a little easier on us than Europe.
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  1. Interesting, I wonder what China is going to do to maneuver out of this?
  2. I wonder if theyve figured out yet, that cheating the system by putting up false values on your currency, not trading with your trade partners, and actually making fair trade a policy so your trade partners are also healthy has sunk in yet
  3. Let me throw something out there for you all: what is the chinese yuan was not tied, or has severed ties with the US dollar?
  4. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Impossible as long as the Dollar is the world's reserve currency.

    What do you mean?
  5. that is not what I asked.

    The yuan is tied to the dollar. Basically, when the dollar goes up, so does the yuan. that is one criticism by people here. the fact that the chinese are piggy backing us is dangerous. If we tank, so does china. They cannot afford to have us go down! If we go down, guess who gets their arses chewed out?
  6. Why? Is it because we are no longer fit to be the median of trade?
  7. Pay and Pray! That is what i say.

    What about others nations who have a high debt to GDP ratio? should they be disregard as powers as well?

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