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Hey guys, after recently installing windows 7 and struggling to tell it not to run 53 updates every time I bootup or shutdown, my realtek rtl8191su take awhile to load. Normally I would have internet within a few seconds I Window's bla-bling and the desktop appearing, but now it seems to say no internet, limited access, looking for something to connect with, then connect to, then it works. Ccleaner and system configuration didn't have it listed as something to run on startup(I remember it being their next to my wireless keyboard and Avast). After searching around I put a short cut to it's .exe in Start-all programs-startup. Now it shows up in system configuration and ccleaner but the effects aren't seen(instead the application itself shows up). After more searching I discovered that Avast and my keyboard were linked to regedit-"HKLM" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SOFTWARE-Wow6432Node-Microsoft-Windows- CurrentVersion-Run

How and what can I put in there for my wireless adapter?
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  1. well all the update and security reminders can be shut off, that's a big plus. I would do that first.
    The next thing is to delete all the free software like Ccleaner or other "fix it" programs, or just reinstall the operating system again.
    Once you have a clean start, install a professional, all in one security program, such as Norton or Panda. Do not install multiple security programs, this frequently causes conflicts and other difficulties.
    And just as I said, you can shut off the updates and security reminders, which are kind of a pain
  2. i think you are confused about something,
    to make win7 seem quicker it loads the desktop a lot sooner than xp and vista do it

    which means when you get to the desktop it still has a lot of files to load, best thing to do is turn pc on then go away for a few mins
  3. Clean install seems like the best answer!
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