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hi i have a external hard problem is i made
this disk thats works in dos mode..on it i have ghost and
imagine disk for backing up mu problem
is that it wont see my external hard
can detect usb driver in dos mode...pls help to
get usb drivers to work in usb mode with my other
programs ...
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?)

    If you used Norton Ghost to create the image files on the sxternal drive, then it will have run the imagiing process after rebooting the computer to its own DOS system. When it finished it would have rebooted back to Windows.

    If this is what you did, then you can be sure that the 'DOS' system can access you external USB drive.

    Ghost also has a Windows application that enables you to verify the integrity of the imaged files.

    Now for you to 'restore' that image, you need to create a 'rescue disk' [a single floppy disk] and from the advanced options you must select the USB drivers for your system which will be included on that boot disk.

    Power Quest's Drive Image does much the same, so be sure that you get those USB drivers onto your rescue disk.
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