How do you know which BIOS you have?

how do i know which bios i have??
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  1. Most computers show it on boot!
  2. Here's How:


    Click on Start and then Run.

    In the text box in the Run window, type msinfo32 and click OK. This will open the System Information program.

    When System Information first opens, it defaults to the System Summary, a short list with some of the most important information about your computer system listed.

    On the right side of the program, locate the BIOS Version/Date entry.

    This field contains the BIOS version that is currently running on your motherboard. This field may also contain additional information such as the BIOS date, BIOS manufacturer, motherboard manufacturer and the motherboard model number.
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  5. When your computer boots and starts to list your drives hit the pause key and look at the left bottom of the screen. It will show up there just like Area51 said it will show at boot.
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