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i had xp on my computer and a friend upgraded it to 7 and i want to know how to get rid of it. i have an older computer and play world of warcraft which ran fan with xp, now the only problem im getting with wins 7 is on wow im getting 3 fps and cant even play. i just want to know if i can put xp back on here somehow until i can get a new computer
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  1. You can re-install WinXP.
  2. it keeps saying i have a better version and i dont know much about computers so im not sure how to get around it
  3. Yes, but it should let you proceed with installing WinXP.

    You may need to do an New Installation Advanced mode install and format HDD before you start the actual install.

  4. You might want to think about setting up a dual boot option. That would let you keep your Win7 install and give you a choice at bootup time which OS you'd like to run.

    Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP
    Look for METHOD TWO: When Windows 7 is Installed First
  5. Which version of Win7 do you have? some versions are able to provide a virtual WinXP machine for any programs that are incompatible with 7.

    Google it.
  6. Probably all you need is updated graphics drivers.
  7. fixed this after i thought i broke my computer and my brother put linux on here, put still cant play wow, so now i need help with that
  8. i cant find my xp disks, so a friend gave me some that obviously dont work correctly. im going to leave linux on here since im getting a new laptop within a month and my boyfriend will be using this computer which works fun for just doing like facebook games and the other stuff he does and i dont want to risk something going wrong again. the main problem im having now is trying to get linux and wine to make it so i can play world of warcraft in the meantime. i dont know much about what im doing on here, so i dont understand some of the stuff thats said in the instructions that i found. if anyone can tell me an easy way to get my game on here, or a place i can go that has easy and updated instructions (since wow switched the way it downloads off their site), it would be greatly appreciated since ive been looking for hours today.
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