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Recovery Drive formatted

Hi, i accidentally format the recovery drive D in windows 7.
What do I need to do ?
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  1. its toast you need to make a backup now since you cant recover it now!
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    Hello mikefree25;

    Contact your MFGR support and see if you can get buy a disk version of the Recovery drive contents.
  3. Thanks, I will call the manuf - if they sell the disk will the recovery be 'back to normal' ?
  4. It should more like a return to factory shipping condition, same as when you first received it.
  5. Thanks for ur advice.
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  7. Formatting is just another word for making files "hidden". You can rely on this format recovery software to recover data from your formatted drive under Windows 7. It should help you out easily.
  8. Try Recuva, its a free file recovery
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