Hard drive in build is failing, can I reinstall Windows on second HDD?

Just built a computer with a Samsung Spinpoint 1TB HDD in it. Now, it seems to be failing, according to the SMART thing. So... will I be able to reinstall Windows 7 on the second hard drive I added (after the warnings first appeared)? I have the OEM version.

Alternatively, will running the Windows Backup and setting the location as my second HDD work?
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  1. Yes you can.
    I did something similar on my system.
  2. Use the Custom (advanced) install option.

  3. If the drive is indeed failing, it would be advisable to disconnect it when reinstaling to the second drive, otherwise if or when it fails you won't be able to boot the new drive because the bootloader will be on the original drive.
    Most makers supply diagnostic tools to check the drive for problems, it might be an idea to see if Samsung have some.
    I just Googled and found they do. http://www.samsung.com/global/business/hdd/support/utilities/Support_HUTIL.html
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