Installing Windows XP from Windows 7 Beta

I have Windows 7 Beta installed on my my 80 gig HD and 7 was installed right on top of XP. I want to re-partition my HD and install XP, but whenever I try to, the Welcome Screen shows up but "Install Windows XP" faded out and I'm not able to click on it.
How can I fix this and install Windows XP again?
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  1. Is it a separate partition? If not, the install will be prevented since the installer will detect the newer operating system.

    What you want/need to do is either reate a new partition for XP (either by carving out a piece of the existing drive or adding a new one) and install fresh to that. Or by wiping/reformatting the existing drive so it's clean, and installing XP to that.
  2. how could I reformat my drive into new? I'm sure that could work, because windows 7 isn't allowing me to do anything, not even install Linux on it.
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