Which is better..PS2 or Xbox??

Which one is better? And Why would you choose the one over the other? Also, does the PS2 support HDTV? I heard the Xbox did, but do you need an HDTV receiver or something or is that built into the xbox itself. I have a new Sony XBR 36" that has HDTV capability but it doesn't have the built in receiver.

Someone help me! :)
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  1. PS2 does not support HDTV. I don't have enough experience with either to talk about them much, though.

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  2. the XBOX does but u need to buy a special connector that costs like 20 bucks I think.
  3. Theres one thing, I hate the X-Box controller. The PS2 controller is much better laid out and comfortable to use. The X-Box is bulky and I found it too hard to play Halo on, but thats just my opinion
  4. First, I would like to say, very good in-depth information about the X-Box. I think you covered every aspect well, except comparing it to the PS2. "The X-Box is a must have" ???? I really doubt it. From a technical standpoint, the X-box is better in graphics and sound. The numbers speak, but you have left out the reason why people buy the consoles. We buy them for the price, the games, the feel of the controller, and the ease of use. In these catergories, the PS2 comes way out ahead. The PS2 is $100 dollars cheaper, which is a lot when you dont make a lot, and it canplay DVD's with no other needed products. X-box comes with some great add-ons, but at $30 a pop, it adds up.
    There is also the games, PS2 has much better games, and a hell of a lot more of them to choose from. I played Halo, and it sucked, $50 for 10 hours of gameplay, then it was over. I am still trying to beat GTA3 weeks later.
    Then, there is the controllers, if you held both, you would be lying if you said X-box's was better, it is huge, hard to use, and retarded. Most of the consumers out there still have PS1 and many addons for that, so they are overjoyed that the can still use them on the PS2. The big fact is that THE PS2 CAME OUT 1 YEAR AGO, in comuters years, that is ancient, so I think it is doing very good for its age against the X-box. The graphics may not be as good as the X-box but they are still a great improvement over PS1, WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT NO LINES IN GRAND TURISMO 3??? Not me, I just love playing the game.

    So why should a person buy an X-box when they could just easily upgrade their computer to be a hell of a lot better than the X-box. I am waiting for an emulator, but until then, I am waiting for a good game to come out for the X-box, I wait still.

    The main thing is that you have left out why people buy which consoles. Nintendo has made an awesome product for young people, PS2 for older people, teanagers, and X-box for the hardcore enthusiast. We both know that the better technology doesnt mean it will be adopted and used by many, hence; zip drive vs. LS-120, DDR vs. Rambus, etc. There are other reasons why one became the standard, price, availability, and the main thing: EASE OF TRANSITION, PRICE OF TRANSITION, BANG FOR THE DOLLAR. That is why the PS2 is better for me, and most people than the X-box.

    thanks for listening,
    Jeff Arnts
  5. First of all, to answer the poster's question...
    No the PS2 does not support HDTV in any fashion.

    The XBOX supports 480p, 720p, and 1080i HDTV modes (ie. all of them). Most games only use 480p right now, but eventually they'll start rendering at 1024x768 and will be able to use 720p or 1080i output. Yes, all you need is to plug in your XBOX to your XBR TV and you will be able to use those modes. You will need the HDTV pack or another company's component video connector for the Xbox to connect it (the MS one goes for about $20 which is a steal as most other companies heavily inflate the prive of component video cables... even though they're just high-quality mono phono plugs like any stereo audio cable).

    Read Tom's review, it has lots of good information about the system.

    The controller is vastly superior to the PS2 controller... Nintendo actually started the rumor that the Xbox controller was "big and bulky", when in fact the GameCube controller is the cheapest, least ergonomic, and poorly designed controller of them all. The PS2 one is decent, and the Xbox controller is magnificent. I was always a fan of the Sidewinder design, and the Xbox controller is an evolution of that, tailored for console games.

    And who is the moron who said PS2 costs $100 less than Xbox and claimed that was the reason to not buy one? THEY ARE THE SAME PRICE. They are both $299 right now. The GameCube is $199, and you get what you pay for. Don't get me wrong, Smash Bros Melee is one of the most fun party games you'll find... but it doesn't make the system any more worthwhile. PS2 has a few very good games, like FFX and GTA3. Whereas the Xbox has several great games and it has only been around for a matter of months (Halo, Obi-wan, DOA3 to name a few).

    When Tom said the xbox is a "must have" system, he had a damn good reason for it.
  6. Buying a game console is all about game. PS2 has way better game,in terms of now and future. There is a greater instalment base, this is why best games(developer will tend to make big budget games for PS2, since ther would be a lesser risk to it) X box has lost most of the mometum after it's release. There is no new games now that scream Bang! They are all games that are okay, and somthing that PS2 owner already own. Trust me, better graphic does not spell better system. N64 was more powerful than PS 1 at the time, but look what happen, PS kicked N64's ass anyway. My Point being, good Games "Is" everything a console needs, without it, it just a box full of silicon chips and wires.

    However, i am still going to buy a Xbox...., but PS2 is a better "Gaming" system.(more value to consumers)
  7. Attn threedaysdwn!

    Please read what you write!

    Qoute begin >>
    " Don't get me wrong, Smash Bros Melee is one of the most fun party games you'll find... but it doesn't make the system any more worthwhile. "
    << Quote end

    What else makes an console worthwhile ?? If that's not atleast 50% reason to buy a game console (in this case a GameCube) I don't know what else is!

    X-BOX, PS2, GC etc. dosen't matter as long as the GAMES are FUN to play..

    When you play games/party games no one really notice what console or what controller you are using .. As long as it's fun!

    So if I were you I would buy a Nintendo GameCube plus some extra controllers and a copy of Smash Bros Melee!


    For Toms guide:

    This is the most crappiest guide I ever read! *geeh* the guide on anantech is much better! look here : http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.html?i=1561&p=1

    This one spells MS marketing all over! They focus on hardware not on GAMES!

    So isen't that what Toms hardware is all about ?? Yes, but NOT IN A CONSUMER GUIDE! It should be allround not just compare with an 2 year old console (PS2) ...
  8. I agree... I consider myself somewhat of a "hardcore" gamer and do most of my "serious" gaming on the PC.

    On the other hand, I have recently bought a GameCube, and am very happy with the purchase. Though typically associated with "children", I consistently find that Nintendo makes a console which fulfills my console needs... Fun and/or group/party-oriented games (read: good drinking games ;) that, though insanely childish, are infinitely more fun than PS/PS2 games.

    Playing games like Grand Theft Auto 3, I am bored within the hour at its redundency... Just because the game is "adult" oriented, does not make it fun. Ill take Mario Kart, Mario Party, etc over them any day...

    It appears as though GameCube is continuing this tradition... Super Smash Brothers Melee is fantastic, and the new Mario Kart, Mario Sunshine, new Metriod, Zelda, Starfox, and Soul Caliber 2 are all on the way...

    Though there is no need to get a GameCube right his second (smash bros is the only "must have" out for GC right now), I would say it will definitely be a much more attactive product by the end of the year after a few of these releases. just me $.02 (or maybe $.04 on account of length)

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  9. Attn rao!!!

    You think it is worth paying $300 for one good game? Perhaps if I had the cash to throw around :P

    I actually thought of buying a cube (to go along with my xbox) for party-type games...
    but after playing Halo, Blood Wake, Mad Dash, and a couple other games with my friends week after week, I've decided it's not necessary, at least for now.

    Every system is going to have *some* good games... I just picked the one that has the most *great* games, and the best future.

    I have the worst outlook for PS2... Sony's philosophy of "make 300 games hope 3 are good" isn't gonna hold up for long. Xbox developers are taking chances... trying new things... Look at Halo, Blood Wake, Obi-Wan, Mad Dash, and many of the upcoming exclusive titles (unreal championship anyone?).
    And then you have 3rd party games... where you get basically the same thing as what's on other systems, except with better graphics and sound. Silent Hill 2 is a great example.. best version (with extras) is on the box that rocks.

    SSBMelee is a great game. GTA3 is a great game. If I bought a Cube or still had my PoS2... those are the only games I would play on them right now and for the forseeable future... Sorry, just not worth it to me.

    Clearly there's no competition hardware-wise. As for games, Xbox has an incredible start and a very, very bright future.
  10. Sadly both you and the reviewers seem to take a fanboy approach to "which console is better." They all have their place. Saying PS2 only has a few good games and basically 1 great game is extreme, even in fanboydom.

    Good-to-Great games on PS2 and NOT XBox (for the time being): GTA3, GT3, FFX, MGS2, THPS3, NBA2K2, FIFA2002 and the list goes on. Now if you don't like these games, eventhough they run the gamut, then I can understand. But unequivocally demoting them to some substandard is just being disingenuous.

    Now I'm not saying PS2 is the be-all, end-all but saying you don't see a bright future is basically not having a good prescription. It has a North American installed base of ~8 million people! It sold more than both XBox and Gamecube this past holiday. At least try to be evenhanded about it.

    Given that XBox has technical superiority, which it most certainly does, it could definitely give PS2 a run for its money next Christmas and the whole of 2003.

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  11. If you don't have PS2 i would recomend Xbox, All the cool PS2 games are coming out for XBOX....GTA-3 especially....the only crappy thing is that the Controller is the size of a VCR...it's ridiculous, what the hell were they thinking...Young kids play this..what do they think we have 2 ft wide hands...they obviously didn't do there HW on the control making.. other then that, it has better graphics, and all the games load alot faster... i own xbox, i think it's pretty cool and the HD feature is pretty nice.

    everybody has there own opinion anyway..people are always gonna disagreee no matter what you say..so GOODBYE

    have fun Later, Rob

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  12. Here in Sweden I've heard some retailers say that the Xbox will launch now in March at approx. $480. At the same time, they will be able to buy a big ol' pile of PS2's that they will sell for approx. $200. And the GameCube will sell at approx $250. Now, I think that here in Sweden there will be absolutely no question which console is most priceworthy once the Xbox launches here. It has the logo "Sony" somewhere on it.

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  13. As someone has allready mentioned on this page, it all comes down to price and quality/quantity of the games. Neither of the systems just launched can compete on price/quality/quantity with the Dreamcast available for £50 over in England with two controllers, 3 games and a memory card. OK so it was a financial flop for Sega but really the quality of games don't reflect this. If you fancy a cheap console with the power of a decent PC, ability to play VCDs, MP3s, CDs, surf the net(especially now that the new browser ver.3 is available)and tons of cheap games you can't go wrong, just realise you won't be the coolest kid on the block, and let the other systems mature for a while yet. I bought one for my nephew and give him all the games I finish - his hard up mum I think appreciates this as much as he does! Rigged up thru his midi Hifi and an old 22" TV it's a pretty good system for a while yet. Be careful there are a load of rubbish games as well as the corkers, I've done the testing! Stick to these and you'll have some fun:Shenmue1&2, Jet Set Radio, Skies Of Arcadia, NBA2K2, NFL2K2,Tony Hawks Pro Skate2, Le Mans 24 Hours, Metropolis Street Racer, Sonic Adventure1&2, Grandia, Samba Di Amigo, Seaman(weird), Ecco The Dolphin, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive 2,Res Evil Code Veronica, D2(acquired taste but I love it!)Ferrari 355, Ooga Booga, Floigan Brother's(short but kids love this!),Sega World Wide Soccer Euro Edition(PAL so you need DCX disk outside Europe), Rez, Space Channel 5, Project Justice, Headhunter(again,PAL), Alone in the Dark 4, Alien Front, Phantasy Star Online ver.1&2(great multi player game online better than anything on the PC?), Chu Chu Rocket, Worms World Party, Sega Bass Fishing+Controller(acquired!),Ready To Rumble 1&2,Royal Rumble(pretty good if limited options and the fact its a wrestling game don't put you off), Quake3(stunning conversion&online!),Unreal Tournament(miles better than the poor PS2 ver.)LIKE STOP!!Any of these titles still hold their own and by the time youv'e finished them X-Box and Gamecube will have dropped in price and will have more games available at a better price point. As for the PS2 it's probably the best buy out there right now especially now some of the top games are being reduced in price and big 2nd Gen titles are finally arriving,but it's the X-Box texture memory and HDTV/Hard Drive/Broad Band capability that make it the most future proof. If you can put up with random battles, Skies Of Arcadia is the model console RPG that you just have to finish to get the full picture and teaches its FF mentor the way it should be done!!Shenmue 1 is without a doubt one of the best experiences you can have on any system and don't be put off by people who say it isn't a game who says it has to be anyway? 2years on and it's still worth seeing/playing experiencing. Hey its a real games forum !!!
  14. I got sonic the hedgehog for Mega Drive.

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  15. I heard that GTA3 is coming out on the XBOX too... but where the hell is it?!?! Does anyone have any idea whats happening with the release of this game?
    In regards to your comments on the controller, I think its great and the most comfortable one I have ever used. True it is bigger and heavier, but this prevents you from clenching your fists around. With all other console controllers my hands would always crap up after a few hours b/c they were closed tight. With the XBOX controllers your hands remain much more open, with more blood flow and less cramping. The controllers are different and take some getting used to, but after your used to them, I think there better than anything else out there.
  16. I have NGC and I never play it. I don't have enough time. Plus computer games are much better the Consoles. Thats at least what I like.
  17. All that I can say is that I recently bought an xbox and loved it. Graphics are great, games are good (Halo, Hunter, Amped), and most importantly, almost all interesting future games are coming out on xbox as well as other systems. Some are even xbox exclusive (Halo 2, Bioware's next game, Project EGO).

    On the other hand, a friend bought the NGC and he is mostly unhappy with it. Graphics are average and games tend to be kiddie. He's at my house usually :)

    I have no experience with the PS2, so can't comment.

    And to reply to any ragging on xbox controller: Personally, I like it, but if you don't M$ now sells their "S-controller" which is designed basically identically to the dual shock controller. It was made for the japanese mar
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