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My sister-in-law is wanting to get a broadband internet connection, but my mother-in-law already has a broadband connection into the house. The goal would be to upgrade the broadband connection and share the connection between the two computers.

My question is this: What would I need to buy (or have them buy!!) to create a wireless network to share the internet connection? My sister-in-laws computer is a new Compaq P4 machine. I think she has a NIC built into her machine. The cable modem is connected to my mother-in-laws computer. The distance between the two computers is about 5 ft. The computers are in different rooms. The computers are facing each other with a closet and a hallway between them.

They aren't planning to share a printer or files.

I would like to keep it as inexpensive as I can.

Any help or opinions would be appreciated.
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  1. ok heres the EASIEST cheapest way to network these machines for internet sharing you will need:
    1) a drill
    2) internet gateway router (under $50)
    3) 25 ft patch cable
    4) 3-7 ft patch cable
    5) roll of duct tape

    Blast a hole in the closet with your drill dont hit any wires or pipes. run the long patch cable from your sis PC to the router. duct tape the cable to the celing or doorway or however you want to run it then connect the short cable to your mothers pc and to the router. then connect the cable modem to the router WAN port

    and now they can share the internet
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