Download link for hp laserjet 1100 printer drivers for win7

hi am kefa can any one post for me any link where i can download drivers for my hp laserjet 1100 for my windows 7 i cannt print
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  1. Windows 7 includes a driver for the Laserjet 1100. Be sure to press the "Windows Update" button on the "Add Printer" dialog to get all the latest drivers.
  2. i reached there it had various vasions of operating systems i selected windows 7 when i go to the application it downloads hp shop gaget what should i do?
  3. See what ijack stated.. and read what the HP site states.

    "Print drivers for your product are available within the Windows 7 operating system.

    LaserJet model specific printer drivers are currently available within the Windows 7 operating system. Installation of these drivers can be performed via Devices and Printers, formerly known as the Add Printer Wizard."
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