Got Windows 7, How can I transfer files from old OS?

Hey. I got windows 7. I'm wondering how to transfer my old files to my new shiny Windows 7. I have Windows Vista and Windows 7 on different partitions. Some programs work if I go into the folder and run it, But others not. Like Photoshop CS4 It runs great on vista, But if I try it on 7 It says wrong key or something.

How can I transfer my old files with all of them working?

Lmao. I cannot describe it well at all. But hopefully you understand.
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    If you've installed Windows 7 into a separate partition (as opposed to "upgrading" the Vista partition) then you'll have to re-install all of your software under Windows 7.

    For Photoshop, you should boot into your Vista system and deactivate it's license (Help -> Deactivate...) so that you'll be allowed to install and activate it under Windows 7.
  2. Aw. man that sucks!

    Ok. But For the Photoshop. What if I lost my key?
  3. When I bought Windows 7, I already knew how I was going to handle the backing up and restoring of my files. I use Windows Home Server for backups already so I was not concerned. Before I installed, I copied my documents folder, favorites and desktop items to an external drive.

    Any programs I had installed that require license keys I always keep on an external drive with a text file containing the key I need and any other pertinent information. That way it is always ready to go in case of a system failure.

    As for the license for photoshop, you can always contact them and explain your situation if you can not find the key. I am sure they can work with you on that.
  4. Bangu said:
    What if I lost my key?
    If you lost your key then you've just learned an important lesson: when you buy a piece of software that uses license keys, those keys are the most important thing that you've purchased. Don't loose them!
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