V2's WTS/WTB HD's,GPU,CPU.MOBO,LAPTOPS,RAM,6800,7800,A64,775

WTB: 3.2, 3.4 EE or 3.2, 3.4 E0 core Prescott

WTB: 128mb and 256mb PC100 144Pin Sodimm
WTB: two sticks of 512Mb pc133

WTB: Mini-ITX motherboard and mini-ITX PSU
WTB: Shuttle or SFF (mini) PC (barebone preferd) Socket 478 P4 HT 800Mhz FSB and Dual channel DDR

WTS: "WTT: 4 stuff in my WTB"

Here is some stuff i have for sale: (# On Hand)
144PIN 64MB PC100 (11) (1) shipped
64mb pc100 memory ($4) (4) Shipped

350mhz AMD k6/2 ($??) (1) Shipped
500mhz Intel celeron SL3FY ($??) (1) Shipped
400mhz Intel celeron SL3A2 ($??) (1) Shipped

Guild Wars PC Game Retail box, I played once and got to LVL 4 and went back to WOW ($35) Shipped

41.1GB IBM deskstar
20.4GB fireball
13GB Western Digital
20GB SeaGate
6GB fireball
30GB fireball
20.4GB maxtor
20GB SeaGate

Inspiron 5150 DELL Laptop Parts!!!!!
this came from an inspiron 5150
Dell DVD/CDRW SN-324 laptop drive ($30 shipped) (PENDING)
Dell Motherboard P4 M 478 socket 2 DDR SODIM Slots (bad AC adapter or power button) ($75 shipped) ($400 on ebay)
17' LCD 1600x1200 ($100 shipped)
Dell keyboard ($10 shiped) (PENDING)
Dell Laptop Chassis ($40 shipped)
Dell 6450 mAH 96WH 14.8v M/N: BATDWOOL
AC Adapter 130w 19.5v ($35 shipped)

If interested or you have ANY questions send me a PM or post reply/bump

(SOLD) Items:
CPU: P4 3.2Ghz 1Mb cache Prescott core. D0 Stepping SL7E5 ($145 shipped(SOLD))
RAM: 1024 (1GB) DDR 4400 corsair twinx 550mhz 2x512mb less than 1 month old and not overclocked ((SOLD!!!!!1)$120 shipped)
Motherboard: ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe ($95 shipped(SOLD))
Video Card: BFG 6800GT 256MB less than 1 month old ($230(SOLD))
Hard Drive: 80GB Western Digital 8MB cache SATA 150mbps ((SOLD)$28 shipped)
Case: Acrylic case in good condition with 2 blue 12inch cold cathode lights and 2 Blue LED fans. ($40 Shipped(SOLD))
Compaq Presario 1692 Laptop ($150)SOLD) Local
Polaroid Digital camera 2.1mpPDC 2070 1600x1200 (15 shipped) (1) (SOLD)
P4 3.06 Ghz Pentium M CPU (HT and speed stepping) 533mhz FSB (sold $135)
Albatron Fx5200 128mb AGP 8x Video card ($20 shipped) (1) (SOLD)
dell floppy drive ($10 shipped)
Samsung RDRAM RIMRAM 800MHz 128x2 (256Mb) ($45 shipped) (2) (SOLD)
20gb ata 100 sea gate hard drive ($15) Sold
60gb Western Digital 2mb cache ($30) SOLD
512mb Pc100 144pin (45) (1) Shipped
1 256mb SODIM pc2700 ddr laptop memory ($15 shipped)
2 X 256mb 2700 DDR SODIM ($30 shipped) (will sell individually)
Asus P4V8X-X 800mhz FSB SATA motherboard ($40) (1) Shipped
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  3. what are the specs on the 17" LCD Monitor. Is it the slow analog lcd?
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