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Hi guys,

Was thinking of starting a thread that would ask users what are the KEY features that would make our forumz the most popular out there (well, at least among the hardware sites). Perhaps users can also draw from their experience with other forums out there to provide the feedback.

This would help us prioritize our future development.

What do you think. Any of you want to start this. If so, let's make sure it gets exposure on the high traffic sections, and not only in Other.

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  1. Sounds positive. I might wait until everyone has tested and played with all the new features we just go though.

    Also, as a side note. Having a little B icon next to all my buddies is a bit of an eyesore. For example, in the moderator section both you and Jake are my buddies so EVERY instance of your name has that B. I'm almost thinking that making your buddies italic or a different color would be better. Thoughts?
  2. Agreed that the 'b' can be overwhelming, specially if every post has a 'b' But how about it being helpful if we are looking at a general forum, and only a small number of posts are from buddies. Then it help us pick out our buddies, whose opinions/posts we may want to read.

    So maybe we let it be for a while, and then ask people who frequent places where not everyone is a buddy 8)

    Other features, we can give it a few more days, and see how it goes.
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