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Does anyone know what the response time is for the Samsung 170t? I've looked on Samsung's website and it is not listed and I've searched the web and haven't found much. Other than this unknown, the specs look great.
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  1. It response time is slightly less than 50 ms- definetly not recomended for games and graphics and such.

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  2. Yikes, that must be why they don't list it. What would you suggest as a good 17" DVI LCD for gaming?
  3. What everyone else is getting and is happy with- a Compaq TFT7020 (25ms response time).

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  4. That does look like a good monitor. Where did you get your info for the Samsung? The following vendor (although foreign) is advertising a response time of 25ms for the 170t:
  5. In yahoo I looked upt 170t and all of the websites said less than 50ms. Also look at the fact that it refreshes at 60Hz at native res., not 75. I don't like that. Sometimes vendors only say the rise or fall time to make teh response time seem less.

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  6. I sent an e-mail to Samsung to get a definite answer. According to them it is 40ms.

    Dear Customer,

    Refering to the time it takes to turn on a pixel from black to white is 20ms. The time it takes to turn off a pixel from white to black is 20ms. ovious the full cycle would take 40ms or there abouts.

    Thank you for purchasing Samsung.

    Sincerely yours,
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    > Message: I'm looking for the response time (rise +
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    > 170t. It's not listed on the web site nor on any
    > vendors web sites. Can you
    > help me find this information? Thanks, -Jeff
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  7. Still not a terribly good response time imo.

    If it's working...overclock it!
  8. I’ve seen advertised the new Samsung SyncMaster 171T with what they call an Xtrawide viewing angle of 170º/170º and PVA technology (seems like a kind of MVA). The brightness is 250 cd/m2 and the contrast 400:1 with a response time of 30ms. I didn’t found anything in the internet yet but the advertisement is for Christmas. You can find a little more if you search in the internet for the model 171b that has only a analog conection but seems otherwise identical
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