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<b>Ok Guys I have a small list of stuff left that I'm not going to need and wanna sell it for paypal.</b>

<b>(2)FC-PGA Copper Shims. Both are in great shape and never used. $10.00 Each Shipped</b>

<b> 1) 128mb Stick of Micron 8nS PC-100 SDRAM. Used but in good shape. Numbers on chips are as follows:</b>
<b>48LC8M8A2-8E B $15.00 Shipped</b>

<b> 1) Creative Labs 52x IDE CD-ROM. Drive only $15.00 Shipped</b>

<b> 1) Unused Everglide black Gaming Mouse Pad. Made of heavy duty black plastic $11.00 Shipped</b>

<b>Preference is given to paypal, Thanks for taking the time to peruse my post ;)</b>

<b>I have refs under wnied, in heatware and ebay.</b>


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  1. Do you have more info on the mousepad?

    <font color=blue>Quarter pounder inside</font color=blue>
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