conflict between USB Flash Drive & Network Drive

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In Windows XP, USB drive takes the drive letter E:

1) If the mapped network drive already took the drive
letter E:, the USB drive cannot show up in Windows
Explorer. However, it can be seen in Device Manager/Disks.

2) If the network conncetion cannot restore somehow, the
drive letter E: is automatically assigned to USB drive but
it takes the name of the mapped network drive.

One solution to prevent above problem is to assign the
mapped network drive a letter other than E:.

The drawback is that the HDD drives can only be organized

"C: (System), D: (Data), E: (USB Flash Disk) Drive, F:
(Mapped Data)"

instead of

"C: (System), D: (Data), E: (Mapped Data), F: (USB Flash

I would like to know alternate solution like assigning USB
Drive Letter other than E: (Z: etc).

Any suggestion from experts are welcome.


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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?)


    Click on Disk Management

    Right click on the drive you wish to change [any but C Drive] and you can assign it a Letter which is not yet used.

    For a USB drive to be 'U' for example, you would scroll down to letter U.

    This drive will always be the U drive when reinserted.
  2. I has a same problem. I tried to change letter of USB drive, but it still not work.

    I have a Wireless USB TL-WN722N, when I plug wireless usb, then I plug usb drive, my usb drive is not recognized. But if i don't plug wireless usb, i plug usb drive, my usb drive work properly.

    Anyone can help me!

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