New forum features

Here are new forum features released late last night:

1. Buddy List (aka Address Book): you can add/delete users to/from your buddy list. This can be done from PM, when looking at some user's profile, or from thread view.

2. Save Folders in PM. You can now create multiple save folders in PM, to sort out your PM. See 'Add/Delete save folders' at the bottom of PM window.

3. PM Flags: You can add a flag to each PM, for highlighting. When looking at a PM, you can turn this on/off.

4. Rating: You can rate each post (but not your own :? ). This helps identify top-rated posts, and from it, top rated posters. This will help improve the content posted on the forums. One cannot post a negative rating, all ratings are posted towards postive.

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  1. So if I tell a user he should format his harddrive because his monitor has a low refresh rate, the worst I can get is a "good" rating? :idea:
  2. You should also remove that 'feature' from the community section....well at least the other. But, hey, when was the last time you listened to me? :roll:
  3. Yes, all positive ratings. At the end, they will all be added to come up with top rated posters (which is community rating, vs. number of posts rating which while valid, is a different type of rating).

    Ned, most featuers you have asked for have been implemented. Go back through older posts, and I am sure you will agree with me :wink: I do listen to you, and what you post.

    I don't see why we should remove the feature from 'Other'. There is no reason useful information cannot be posted to 'Other'. That is a place for other discussions not related to hardware/technology, but each post can still be rated on its own merit.
  4. Say there are about 3 bugs you haven't even commented on in the bug section...

    I can still search the mod discussion forum.
  5. I will take a look. What I asked is number of fixed vs. not fixed.

    The bug you indicated is there, but not critical in any way, since the posts cannot be read. Still it will be fixed at some point :wink:
  6. That bug is now fixed.
  7. I voted you good, so that’s what it looks like.

    P.S Would have change that to a Best, but can’t change it. Sorry. Hehe
  8. I propose a feature change request for the other:

    I prefer a rating scale of "Bad" to "Worst" for this particular forum section.


    For some major sucking up I did a 'Best' vote for you steve :P
  9. How does the Vote work? If 10 people said Good and one person said Best, would it jump to Best or average out?
  10. The colours of the stars are stupid. I find it hard to work our how many stars a posts has. Why don't you just show the amount of stars the post has. So if it is voted as 3 star,then just show three stars.
  11. "You have already voted" - Pointless.
  12. Your ICQ is in the way to vote Good. Looks like they average out.
  13. "Error: you cannot vote for yourself! " - (Sigh) Why have it there then? Just don't show the voting thing on your own posts.
  14. Quote:
    How does the Vote work? If 10 people said Good and one person said Best, would it jump to Best or average out?

    Averages out, of course :lol:
  15. Quote:

    Averages out, of course :lol:

    With the way things are around here................. :lol:
  16. Quote:
    Your ICQ is in the way to vote Good. Looks like they average out.

    Use a larger screensize and that should be solved
  17. It's not. I have a dell 2405FPW (1920*1200) and it is still the case.
  18. I'm I'm set to invisible but added so someones buddy list (Yes I know that won't happen :cry: :wink: ) Do I still show as invisible (i.e Not show) in the Whos Online thingy majiggy?
  19. Your ICQ was lonely, but now it joined the others.
  20. Steve I like the new Buddies online feature below. Excellent work! :trophy:
  21. Thanks, dh :D
  22. The rating system is unnecessary. Very few people will bother to vote for the posts.

    Many community based torrent sites removed vote based rating features, since very few people votes even if the torrent is fairly popular. If people are lazy to vote for the torrents, I don't see them voting for forum posts.
  23. What ever you changed ... stretched out this forum again ... got to be ratings related, see screen shot:

    Sucks ... makes me scroll again. :(
  24. *snickers @ screen size*

    ...but you're right.
  25. That's funny. The window of his desktop is tiny.
  26. Once a 24"er, always a 24"er. :D
  27. Well....I might go bigger one day.
  28. Like the 3007FPW? 8O 8O 8O
  29. Well I'm talking about in the future. I don't think you could game on one of those right now. Not that I really have played a game in months but still...
  30. should be ok now. Pls test.
  31. Yea ... seems ok now - thanks.

    [/small screen my ass]
  32. Glad to help. Good you posted an image. That helped ident the problem.
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