Toms Hardware favico (favourites icon)

Is it possible we could have a favico for Toms Hardware. Most of my favourite sites have favourites icons in my internet explorer and I would like to have one for this site.

Is there one already created or is it possible one can be created?
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  1. I already made a topic for this. Search - It actually works you know! :twisted:
  2. i did a search already for favico...... but it didnt bring anything back.

    What terms should i be searching for? or could you give me the link.....

    thanks for your help
  3. Ok:

    Try 'Favicon' (Seems I call it something different to you :wink: )
  4. ahhhhhhh i got the post..........

    did anyone actually create a favico? or is this still "under development" ?
  5. Lol, it's 'underdevelopment' like another thousand things here :?
  6. You sure complain a lot.
  7. Yeah well. I put a lot of effort in down here.
  8. I even went to the trouble of resizing the Tom's new logo for that purpose but still not there.
  9. is it getting close russel? anything would do....... a small hammer or something :)
  10. Here is what you can do.
    Go to this link and follow the directions there to create an .ico file from the .gif picture Here.

    I am sorry this is so much trouble but if it's bothering you that much it's the only thing I can suggest until they decide to include a .ico image in the root directory here.

    I downloaded the trial version of Michelangelo and it's not a bad program to tinker with. Of course it's just a trial version good for 21 days. However if you're interested in this sort of thing there are several other programs you can download and make your own customized icons.

    P/S I would have provided a link to the logo in an .ico Format for you , but I couldn't upload to a image hosting site using the .ico format.

    This is what you will get.
  11. I prefer using GIMP for ICOs, XPMs, etc. :D
  12. I just downloaded GIMP and it looks pretty neat.
    Now I have to download the help file to learn how to use it.
    I was playing with it and can't seem to save the file.

    Thanks for suggesting it.
  13. If you think GIMP is hard to use now, you should have seen it in its 1.x incarnations. Sheesh! Still, it's not so bad. As far as freeware goes, it's really awesome. The only thing that I'm not so keen on (well, the biggest anyway) is that the main app sits completely seperately from an opened image, unlike most graphics programs. While it's kind of cool for some things, it does mean that at times you have to use the menu in the main app window, but most of the time you use the menu in the image window. That gets kind of fiddley. And it's got one heck of a right-click menu. Still, it's free, so it's hard to complain. :)

    And it does have a lot of great features. There are still times when I'll use Adobe Photoshop (especially for animations), or even MS Paint when I just need a lightweight app, but more and more GIMP has been growing on me. It's not the most user friendly, but it's pretty powerful once you get used to it.

    And it supports a crap load of image formats that come in handy to a software developer (like me) such as ico, png, and xpm. :)

    It's just too bad that it doesn't handle metadata from the Windows clipboard a little better. :(
  14. i think there is a way to lock them together... but i cant remmeber how.
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