Brutal Arts releases Reality Mod v.18

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To Download the new version visit Brutal Arts at ''

It has been an exciting past few weeks. We have secured new servers,
seen a large increase in player numbers at Reality Servers in
Novaworld, and now we have completed what some may see fit to call “a
release worthy of a version number”. That’s right, you just read that
we have something ready for John-Q-Public, and its version number is
In this release you will find:


- 7 New Satellite based terrains (Arid Mountains, Afghanistan
Mountains, Flat Desert)
- Several Unlocked Particle effects (mist, sand storms, flames,
- JO:E Tiles for terrains
- Some environment file experiments
- New Vehicle Variants (UN Vehicles, Desert Pattern Vehicles, and
Game play:

- Gunner class combined with Rifleman into “Weapons Specialist” class
- Grenadier class created in the place of the gunner class
- AT4 Speed increased to real world values
- RPG performance tweaked to real world values
- New Mortar weapon that fires Smoke rounds
- New Combat shotgun weapon that fires slugs
- stinger lock distance decreased to visual range
- flare effectiveness increased
- new flare particle effect (i drool when people drop flares)
- Armories are destructable by defualt ala DF2
- SVD reticule corrected
- .357 reticule corrected
- M16 performance adjusted
- M4 performance adjusted

- New USMC Woodland MARPAT
- New Canadian Woodland CADPAT
- New US Army Rangers 6 Color “Chocolate Chip” Desert Camo
- New DE Desert Flektarn Pattern
- 2 New USMC Ghillie Suit Variations
- 4 New JO Pilot Variations
- 2 US Air force Combat Controller Variations
- Innumerable Rebel Skins (really, there are more than JO I believe)

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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    I'm just wondering what this has to do with Counter-Strike? .. given
    that it's a mod for Joint Ops ..

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